Extensible Grammar and Dictionary Systems

Egads is web-site software that provides an interface and tools for authoring of community-based dictionaries of Native American languages. The system integrates dictionary databases, textbases, and grammars of languages.

I (Sean Burke) started writing the current version of the software in 2001, to incorporate all the features needed for an Apache lexicon project in production at the University of New Mexico. I've been adding features useful for the dozen other Native American languages that it is now being used for.

So far I've been so busy adding features that I've had no time to document (much less release) the software itself. But you can see things in action by looking at the (still somewhat minimal) Haida implementation. (Don't bother choosing the "login" option; that's needed only for the lexicon editors.)

If you're interested in having an Egads lexicon for your language, email me at