Remember the old days of URLs that had "~" in them? Me neither. Allegedly.

There used to be stuff in this ~sburke, but I've moved it all elsewhere. Byebye.

Still here? Okay, just a bit about me: I'm Sean Burke. I've banged out a book or two. I've spent a couple decades being a programmer and/or consultant on a bunch of different Native American dictionary projects, and doing lots and lots of data munging besides. I've been a tech-editor and/or consulting editor on about a dozen technical books. And I've done book design and layout for a dozen more. I have developed and utilized superpowers of RTF.

I like interesting weirdoes: Italo Calvino, Bruce Sterling, William Gibson, goofs, and whatnot.

My two most prized books are an absurdly large copy of the Codex Seraphinianus that comes in a fancy solander box, and an absurdly cryptic edition of The SGML Handbook that has placeholder-ribbons sewn into the spine like a bible.

Now you can go to my site's main page.

Or you can stay and enjoy this Busy Box:

Busy Box