Winamp / XMMS Skins

These are Winamp skins, in Winamp Classic skin format.

I made them for Winamp in late 2005, and I used them happily in Winamp for years. I've been using them with XMMS under Unix for about the past decade.

I've tested them successfully a bit in Audacious, gxmms2,... and even a bit qmmp, and basically no problem. I've tested them even a tiny tiny bit in promoe, but no promises there.

The way to install these skins... depends on the program. Look in the Preferences screen in your program.

Renaming from .zip to .wsz might be helpful/necessary.

Let me know if you have any trouble with these.

Your pal,
May 2020

Winamp/XMMS/etc skin: "Commodore 64"

[Download, 14,802 bytes]


Screenshot of XMMS/Winamp skin 'Commodore 64'

Yup, it's meant to look like a Commodore 64 boot screen. The text "XMMS" in the title bar is "hardwired" into the skin, so if you're using this under Winamp and you toggle to this, you'll have the cognitive dissonance of something saying "XMMS" and looking like a Commodore 64, without being either.
If that seems absurd, look at the playlist in the screenshot and take a hint and crank up Fluke's "Absurd"!
You're welcome!

Legal note: Having the "C=" logo there is meant for comedic effect, not to mislead anyone into thinking that this has any relationship to actual Commodore products-- as there is none.

Winamp/XMMS/etc skin: "Old_X-timey - a skin in the style of some horrible monochrome past"

[Download, 26,277 bytes]


Screenshot of XMMS/Winamp skin 'Old_X-timey'

This is meant to look like something that runs under 1980s X Windows

Dev skin: Color_Panels- skin with randomly chosen colors for its components

[Download, 24,002 bytes]


Screenshot of XMMS/Winamp skin 'Color Panels'

This isn't meant for normal use. I made it for reference in making new skins-- each color panel is the extent of a given component, so looking at the boundaries between them means you know how to "color within the lines" for new skins. I think I've got this whole thing right, but don't take it as authoritative by any means!